two cowsWe are pleased that you are visiting our site and are excited to share with you the great products that we produce. We are currently offering beef and pork by halves and quarters. These are wholesome meats that we produce right here in Northern California in the most natural way possible.

Our animals are raised locally, harvested locally, and then delivered to our local customers. We raise all of our animals without added hormones and we do not administer antibiotics to the animals we sell.

You can purchase our meats by the half or quarter, for the best value purchase individual packages from us at the farmers markets. Check out our facebook page for updates on the markets we currently attend in Chico and Sacramento.

Please take a look at our pages to learn more about our products. If you are interested in ordering or have any questions, please contact us.


The Douglass Family


pig just standingmamma cow and calfpig running